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"Renée has changed my life in ways she could not imagine.  In all the time since she stopped teaching in South Windsor I have searched for another teacher, studio and community like the one she created and fostered,  and I have yet to find it.  Her classes are thoughtful, therapeutic,  and appropriate for any level. She, to me, is the consummate yoga instructor.  She teaches foundations, modifications, and philosophies with compassion, love,  joy and a sense of humor! I cannot recommend her classes highly enough and I can't wait to practice with her again! " 

D. Evans



"Renée was the first Yoga teacher I worked with.  She makes everyone in her class feel welcome, important and cared for.  I learned from Renée that yoga is not about what you can and can't do, it is about loving your body for what it CAN do and being grateful for the body we have.  She helped me to see the importance in focusing on self, even for a short time. Renée is one of the most sincere and caring people I have met and even though I have not had the opportunity to see her for a while, I know I can walk in at any time and still be greeted with the same warmth she has always shown her students and friends."

J. Carroza



"I've taken many yoga classes with different instructors over the years, Renée is by far one of the best. Her classes are a workout without it feeling like exercise. She's able to teach and give modifications for every level of practice within the same class. If you're just starting out or have been doing yoga for years, Renée's classes are the best. "

D Kenison


 "I have practiced yoga off and on for almost 20 years and Renée has been my favorite instructor, by far. She is exactly what you imagine a good instructor to be. Her calm and comforting presence helped me to relax and enjoy the practice at the end of a long day. Her classes were never exactly the same, but they built upon what we’d done earlier. She varied the details of her instruction depending upon whether participants were newbies or regulars, and offered multiple options for poses geared to experience levels and our sense of adventure. She gently corrected poses to ensure we were properly aligned. And she played wonderful music! I stopped regularly attending Renée's classes when I moved away, but occasionally went back and it was always worthwhile. "

D. Wnuck 



"I've long awaited the opportunity to experience yoga practice with Renée again. Her easygoing manner helped me to feel more confident, centered in my body, and less self-conscious as I learned my yoga practice. Renée's classes bring me to a place of peace-- physically, mentally and emotionally. " 

L. Sweeney


 "I have very fond memories of the experience I had participating in the Yoga teachings of Renée at Unity in South Windsor.  I was in a job that was becoming extremely stressful and my body was beginning to respond to the stress in ever more painful ways. Renée's yoga seemed to be an ‘Oasis in a Dessert of Disasters.’ Each time I dragged myself ‘kicking and screaming,’ to one of  Renée's classes, I was so grateful - as I left feeling refreshed and peaceful. All the knots of pain, shame, and rage from my brain that grabbed every muscle and joint in my body were swirling through me like the delightful chill you feel just hitting the air after climbing out of water. Renée was soothing, yet challenging, gentle yet ‘encouraging,’ and at least for this student, she was able to draw out the full spectrum of emotions from bursts of laughter to actual tears. Yes, I have taken yoga instructions in a variety of settings and given by different Teachers, and Renée is “Top of the Mat” in my book. "

T. Walts-Gilmore