Access Whole Body Wellness


How to prepare

-Arrive 15 minutes early to your first visit

-Please bring your own yoga mat and a water bottle

-Wear non-restrictive clothing

-Yoga is practiced in bare feet unless you prefer your yoga socks

-Refrain from eating prior to class

-Refrain from heavy scents or perfumes

-Silence your cell phone upon arrival please

How to prepare a little bit more


Be as kind to yourself as you are to your dearest friend.  You'll be a little different every time you come to your yoga practice.  We love our human selves here. Some days the superhero in you will come exploding through the doors and other days you might barely know how to crawl in.  You're perfect right where you are.

Have faith

Yoga's got your back. Like magic, it greets you exactly where it needs to.


No effort is ever wasted  in a yoga practice and the gains are irreversible... 

You're making great moves to live your best life! 

You've got this

"Reneé's classes bring me to a place of peace-- physically, mentally and emotionally. " 

L. Sweeney